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Wastewater Collection System Odor Control Design Guidelines
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Wastewater Collection System Odor Control
Design Guidelines:
Odor Impact and Vapor-Phase Control and
Sulfide Generation and Liquid-phase Control
Odor Impact and Vapor-Phase Control
These guidelines are intended to provide a step-by-step method for estimating
pressurization at siphons and wet wells, off-site odor potential, and any vapor-phase control
which may be necessary. The calculations herin shall be followed to establish the maximum
off-site hydrogen sulfide concentration and to determine if treatment of gasses is necessary.
Once the calculations are complete, they shall be submitted to the City of San Marcos
Engineering Director for review.
The steps presented herein provide a screening approach to estimate the potential for outgassing, off-site odor impacts, and vapor-phase control. Step-by-step instructions are
provided followed by an example illustrating the process. A form is provided to guide

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